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In the event of an emergency with the PIE system, any information that POINT has regarding the emergency will be posted here.
This will act as a PIE - EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) , where PIE members can go for information on the nature of the situation or instructions on what to do.

CURRENT PIE STATUS: Operating Normally . . .

POINTers In E-Mail (PIE) is an electronic mailing list devoted exclusively to Italian Genealogy and related cultural topics. It is an excellent resource for individuals conducting Italian genealogical research in the United States, Italy or other parts of the world. Participation is open to anyone with an interest in Italian Genealogy and a desire to learn and share.

Subscription information [FOR PIE] is listed below.

NOTE : You must have internet e-mail access in order to subscribe [TO PIE].

PIE is an unoffical off-shoot of POINT, but POINT and PIE share an independent, yet symbiotic, relationship.

How PIE works:
A message (question, answer or comment) about Italian genealogy is sent to a single E-mail address.

It is recieved by a mail server and re-sent to everyone subscribed to the PIE list.

To Subscribe to the PIE list,
Send an e-mail to:


In the SUBJECT line put:
and instructions will be e-mailed to you.

or you can subscribe to PIE directly from the PIE website at:
and, near the bottom, click on JOIN PIE MAILING LIST

A new window will open, fill in your e-mail address.

If you wish to get PIE as a DIGEST,
Check the DIGEST BOX when you submit your subscription request.

You will be asked, via e-mail, to confirm your request to join.
Simply hit the REPLY BUTTON and you will be added to the list.

To Unsubscribe from PIE,
Send an e-mail to:


In the MESSAGE Section, put:
unsubscribe PASSWORD

In place of PASSWORD, use the password you were given when you joined PIE.

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30 December 2002

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